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You always found yourself smiling when you were around Todd. I will never forget his sense of humor and his humbleness, his personable smile and his willingness to help others. He always spoke with excitement about his family, his two kids and about Pam. Todd will truly be missed by so many.

Marco Campos


Thank you for signing our Guest Book. Your words of love—and your testimonies of Todd’s inspiration in your lives—have been a source of profound encouragement to the whole family and all who knew Todd.



On Friday, October 14, 2005, Todd Weaver was struck and killed by a City of Charlotte bus while bicycling home from work. This site was established by his brother to honor Todd's memory and to serve as a place for those that knew and loved him to stay current on efforts and events in the wake of this tragedy. Todd was an example of selflessness and dedication to his family, and his enthusiasm and optimism in the labors of life continue to be an encouragement to all who knew him to live life and love family and friends to the fullest—with no regrets.




Criminal Charges Filed Against Bus Driver in Todd’s Accident

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department announced that it has issued a criminal summons for the driver of the bus that killed Todd, on a charge of “Misdemeanor Death by Motor Vehicle,” a Class 1 misdemeanor under North Carolina law (N.C. Gen. Stat. § 20-141.4).

All Charlotte’s news outlets reported this major development, with WCNC’s Tiffani Helberg breaking the story around noon on the WCNC website (the original story has since been updated). Tiffani’s story was featured on WCNC’s evening broadcast. The story confirms recent reports elsewhere that the driver continues to pursue an appeal of his termination.

The Charlotte Observer’s Melissa Manware filed a story on the web soon after the announcement. In the detailed version that ran in this morning’s edition of the Observer, Manware gives a brief accounting of the driver’s five on-duty accidents prior to the two on October 14. She also reports that the misdemeanor charge was the “most serious charge available to prosecutors.” The crime carries a maximum penalty of 120 days in jail, depending on prior convictions. (Felony charges in vechicle-specific homicide cases in North Carolina require that the driver be impaired.)

Stations WSOC and WBTV also carried the story during their evening news programs.


Driver’s Union Fighting Termination

The union representative for the driver of the bus that struck and killed Todd told WBTV’s Tonia Bendickson that he is about two-thirds through the appeal of his termination. CATS drivers are represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

In a separate story on the 5:30 p.m. broadcast, Tonia also reports that Charlotte-area cyclists are writing the District Attorney, urging an aggressive prosecution of the crime.


Todd’s Accident Highlighted in Editorial Published on Observer Op-Ed Page

In the wake of Todd’s accident, the Charlotte cycling community is starting to get organized and make itself heard on the need for increased awareness of and respect for cyclists on the roads. Martin Zimmerman, the able interim Executive Director of the cycling advocacy organization Charlotte B.I.K.E.S., published an editorial in the Saturday, December 10 edition of the Charlotte Observer entitled, “Learn to Share the Road: Cyclists Have The Right to Pedal in Safety on Charlotte’s Streets.”

After noting that, too often, motorists are blind to cyclists at best or outright belligerent to them at worst, Martin concludes:

For a “share the road” philosophy to take hold in our community, we will need to re-learn, re-adapt and enforce such principles as equal rights by law, the practice of safety precautions at all times, minding our street manners, and playing (i.e. driving or pedaling) by the rules.

These apply to cyclists just as much as to those behind the wheel. Cyclists must get in the habit of wearing helmets; using high-powered lights at night; driving with, not against traffic; not running red lights; and even waving to drivers who pass by.

When is the right time to put a “share the road” philosophy into practice? Perhaps as early as Monday morning's commute.
Martin’s article is a balanced, irenic, and positive contribution to the discussion of how to make Charlotte streets safer for everyone. Thanks, Martin!

Marathon “Run4Todd” a Success

Thanks to everyone who helped to make my run in the Thunder Road Marathon a success. Check out the pictures to see what it was like.

I particularly appreciate the generous gifts of those who contributed to the effort to raise money for the children. Contributions can still be made at the Run4Todd site.

Thanks also to race organizers Tim Rhodes and D.C. Luchessi of Run for Your Life for helping to arrange publicity for my effort.

WSOC ran a brief story—including an interview with me in front of the CATS bus depot—on their news broadcasts Thursday evening.

On Friday evening, WBTV News ran a simply marvelous feature story by anchor/reporter Tonia Bendickson. The text of the broadcast does not do the piece justice—I hope to be able to post video here at some point.

On race day WSOC also mentioned my run and Todd’s story every 30 minutes during their three-hour “Eyewitness News Saturday” program—and then again during their noon and 11:00 p.m. news broadcasts. That’s eight times in one day!

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this day a success!


Mark Weaver to Run Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon—and More—to Honor Todd

On Saturday, December 3, 2005, I will be running the Thunder Road Marathon in downtown Charlotte to raise money for Todd’s children while continuing to honor his memory. My personal route will extend the standard marathon distance of 26.2 miles out to 28.2 miles as I detour from the course on Tryon Street to run past the site of Todd’s accident.

If you are able, please consider helping me safeguard the future of those Todd loved by sponsoring me in this race. You can easily make a contribution through the Run4Todd site. Thank you!


Thank you, Lance Armstrong!

Today Brady received a personalized autograph from seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong! The signed Sports Illustrated commemorative edition (right) will be framed for Brady’s wall. Todd was a big Lance Armstrong fan, and we hope this serves as another touchstone for Brady to his father. Many thanks from the family to the good people associated with Lance for helping to make this happen.


Plans for Golf Tournament to Remember Todd Underway

A golf tournament to honor Todd's memory and help raise money for Brady and Elizabeth is scheduled for March 20 in Charlotte. Arrangements are just now coming together, but plans include hole prizes and other incentives. This should be a great time. For more information—or if you’d like to help—contact Scott Smith or watch this space.


CATS Drivers Allowed Four Accidents Before Termination—School Bus Drivers Allowed One

In a brief story on the CATS bus driver involved in Todd's accident filing a grievance over his termination, Tonia Bendickson (WBTV News) reveals a stunning contrast in Charlotte transportation services’ public safety policies: CATS allows its drivers four preventable accidents in a thrity-six month period before they can be considered for termination. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) bus drivers can be terminated after only one such accident.


Continued Interest in Accident Investigation

Public interest in the investigation of the accident that claimed Todd’s life continues to grow with the broadcast of a feature story on WCNC’s 6News program at 5:30 p.m. today. (Ignore the obvious mistake in the opening seconds.) Though the focus of the piece is on my efforts to make sure justice is served, the report does a good job of profiling Todd and raising awareness of cyclists.

If the video won't play on your machine, you can read a summary article here.

The story also reports that the driver of the bus that killed Todd is appealing his firing by CATS. [Cached.]


Charlotte Cyclists Meet to Discuss Response to Todd’s Accident

B.I.K.E.S. of Charlotte/Mecklenburg, a local cycling advocacy organization, hosted a meeting with area cycling clubs, stores, and city cycling officials to discuss an action plan in response to Todd’s fatal accident. The B.I.K.E.S. site reports that “[a] range of safety, enforcement, and crash prevention issues and strategies were discussed,” including ideas for a “Share the Road” campaign.

A follow-up meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, 6:30–8:00 p.m. at the uptown Gateway Village YMCA. The meeting is open to everyone concerned to make Charlotte streets safe and accessible to cyclists.


CATS Changes Policy: Drivers in Accidents No Longer Allowed to Drive Their Buses to Their Drug Tests

Kudos to WBTV News’ Tonia Bendickson for doggedly following up on the questions raised by Todd's accident. In her broadcast tonight, Tonia reports that CATS has changed its policy with respect to drug testing of drivers after accidents. Under the new policy, drivers involved in an accident are no longer allowed to drive their buses back to the station for the test. Previously, this was a matter of the supervisor’s discretion.

The driver of the bus that killed Todd was returning to the bus depot for a drug test in his damaged bus after having hit a stationary object downtown an hour earlier.


CATS Bus Driver Fired

As reported by WBTV’s Tonia Bendickson and on TWC’s News 14, the driver of the bus that killed Todd has been fired by CATS. [Cached.]


Brady’s Essay a Winner of Young Author’s Writing Contest

Just days before the accident, Todd's son Brady wrote an essay about his father for a class assignment on “Who inspires you?” Called “Lighting My Way,” the story was movingly read at Todd’s funeral by Marie Cawley, one of Brady’s teachers. Later, Brady’s writing was selected as one of six school winners in the Cox Mill Elementary School Young Author’s Writing Contest.


Police Accident Report: Bus Driver Failed to Yield Right of Way

WBTV News anchor/reporter Tonia Bendickson reports that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department filed a traffic accident report this week which cites the CATS bus driver as at fault for “failure to yield right of way” in the accident that claimed Todd’s life.

Note that this does not mean charges have been or will be filed. That decision must wait until the police complete their full investigation and present the case to the District Attorney’s office.


Charlotte Observer Profile on Todd

Be sure to read the wonderful profile on Todd done by Melissa Manware and Lena Warmack of the Charlotte Observer. The story ran front page above the fold in the Local & State section, along with color pictures. We were a little nervous allowing a reporter into the house the day before Todd’s funeral, but we’re happy with the result.  [Cached.]

[10.17.2005] Reports on Todd’s Accident, the global source for daily updates on what’s happening in international professional cycling, reported on Todd’s accident at the end of their daily news round-up. It’s amazing to see Todd’s name mentioned on the same page as the stars of the sport, even as it’s heartbreaking to know why. I remember Todd sending links to the latest reports from to me and his riding friends—you always heard it from Todd first! I continue to be impressed with how the cycling community looks after its own. [Cached.]


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